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  • April 08, 2013

Title: Methodology for Determining GHG Emission Reductions through Bicycle Sharing Projects

Prepared by: CityRyde, LLC

Date: June 30, 2011

Description: The report provides a proposed methodology that applies to project activities that reduces GHG emissions through the usage of public sharing-based bicycle transportation systems; typically found in an urban setting.  Applicable bicycle types include standard, exclusively human-powered peddle bikes, as well as e-bikes.  The proposed methodology typically applies to those project activities that induce modal shift in transportation from carbon-intensive modals to less-intensive modals as enabled by the project activity itself (e.g., bicycle sharing enables shared bicycle usage by making them available in a slew of locations within the public setting).

Link:  http://v-c-s.org/sites/v-c-s.org/files/Methodology%20for%20Determining%20GHG%20Emission%20Reductions%20through%20Bicycle%20Sharing%20Projects%20-%202011v04.4.pdf

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