Last week, the team took a trip down to Anaheim where Bike Nation, one of the bike share industry’s newest equipment suppliers and program operators, has established its first program. Our journey taught us two things: First, Anaheim is not bike-friendly and, second, Bike Nation Anaheim is in its beta stage. Despite the nascence of the program and its auto-centric setting, we found the system’s components to be relatively easy to use and comfortable.

Good bike share bikes are utilitarian; they’re ergonomic, pragmatic, and require little maintenance. Bike Nation has attempted to take this notion to the next level with its chainless technology and airless tires. There are drawbacks to newly employed chainless technology, however, as we had difficulty changing gears on three of the six different bikes that we tried out. These bikes, made in Texas, are the Bike Nation’s first generation model. Their second generation model will employ technology from Schimano and are expected to have fewer gear-shifting issues. We can expect to see the second generation bikes at Bike Nation’s other programs in Fullerton, Long Beach, and Los Angeles.

Bike Nation is using Anaheim as a platform to refine, develop, and prove their product as they move on to establish their programs in the aforementioned cities that tend to be more bike-centric.

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