Editor’s note: This is the third installment in a series about Divvy Bikes, Chicago’s new bike share program. Check back Thursday of next week to see Alex Vickers’ final installment. 

While in Chicago last month, I had the chance to chat with Elliot Greenberger, Divvy’s Marketing Manager, about Divvy’s impact on the city and the strategies they have employed to market the new system. The program has utilized a number of marketing techniques, including its #DivvyRed social media campaign, in which Divvy dropped one red Divvy bike into a sea of sky blue bikes during the month of August. Users who spotted the red bike were encouraged to take a picture of it and upload it to social media platforms with the “#DivvyRed” in the image description. Users of the red bike and randomly selected image-uploaders had a chance to win prizes like a one-night stay at a local hotel and free dining at local restaurants.

The campaign was wildly successful with about 2,000 #DivvyRed pictures posted to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Take a look at the gallery below for some examples of the best of #DivvyRed and a few of the campaign’s winners.


Collectively, Divvy’s various marketing strategies helped the system reach its first million miles yesterday and they continue to help expand the systems’ ridership.

To find out what Elliot Greenberger and his innovative marketing team at Divvy Bikes have in store next, be sure to check Bikeshare.com regularly.