One inherent drawback of many bike share programs is that they do not allow for users to rent or buy helmets at kiosk locations. Thus, the vast majority of bike share riders travel helmetlessBut what if a city requires cyclists to wear helmets? Or what if a program simply wants to reduce the numbers of those riding bike share bikes without helmets? Well, SandVault, a bike share equipment supplier and software developer, has recently announced the launch of a fully integrated helmet dispensing system called HelmetStation. HelmetStations allow for easy access to helmets by attaching an automated helmet vending component to bike share system kiosks.

SandVault’s press release for the HelmetStation further elucidates the benefits of the new dispenser: “In Cycling, as with other industries, there are multiple customer segments. The same holds true for PBS. Bicycle helmets are used in every city in the world. In every market the adoption rate varies, but where helmets are optional cities generally see 4% to 30% usage rates. For a PBS system, this can represent a significant market opportunity that can be lost if helmets are not provided. Where a mandatory helmet law for all ages is in place, providing helmets is a must. As PBS systems are all about spontaneous low cost short trips, the availability of helmets must support that model.

“HelmetStation, built on SandVault’s highly successful CycleStation, is the first PBS system that enables the seamless delivery of helmets at the PBS station. Key features include: at station helmet dispensing and return, integrated into the payment kiosk; one stop, one payment for customers; customizable user interface for helmet law/choice; options for helmet rental or sale; minimum moving parts for maximum reliability, and maximum simplicity on stocking and retrieval. Simply put, these features and workflow have been specifically designed to support the use of a PBS – spontaneous, efficient, and low cost.”